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Finantat de catre UEFISCDI – Program Inovare – Subprogram Cooperare Europeana Eureka – Eurostars

Financed by UEFISCDI – Innovation programme – European Cooperation Eureka – Eurostars subprogramme


RELIS - Risk dEtection in Laboratory Information Systems

Eurostars Project E!5112 / 300E from 21.06.2010

The RELIS project aims to provide a platform for real-time risk detection of incorrect results in the context of clinical Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

RELIS starts from the idea that we have the possibility of expressing normal pattern / behavior of laboratory data and we can identify unusual activities or environment parameters in order to raise an alert in a human friendly way for a risk situation. A risk situation represents a new laboratory result or new data case in which the frequent, strong rules derived from past data are violated.

The main goal of the project is to provide a real-time identification of non-conforming and possibly incorrect new laboratory results and generation of descriptive alerts which are delivered to the laboratory result legal authenticator. Alerts contain a comprehensive, and easy to interpret argumentation for the laboratory personnel. An early identification of risk reveals those tests that are probably incorrect in the lab result and help laboratory personnel decide whether the tests should be repeated.

Additional details:

The project was signed on 21.06.2010

Total financing: 3272736 RON

Public financing:  1592420 RON

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RELIS - Identificarea riscurilor în cadrul sistemelor informatice din laboratoarele de analize

Proiect Eurostars E!5112 / 300E din 21.06.2010


Proiectul RELIS tinteste dezvoltarea unei platforme pentru detectarea in timp real a rezultatelor incorecte in contextul Sistemelor Informatice de Laborator (LIS)


Proiectul RELIS porneste de la ideea existentei posibilitatii de a exprima corelatiile dintre valorile rezultatelor analizelor de laborator, aceasta permitand identificarea situatiilor in care ele ar putea contine erori. In acest caz sistemul va genera o alerta pentru a atentiona factorul uman cu privire la existenta riscului. Riscul este detectat prin analizarea unui volum mare de date de laborator precedente intre valorile carora se pot stabili corelatii.


Obiectivul principal al proiectului priveste crearea unei platforme pentru identificarea in timp real a noilor rezultate de laborator ce sunt neconforme sau pot contine erori si generarea de alerte descriptive ce sunt trimise catre autentificatorul legal al analizalor. Alertele contin o argumentare cuprinzatoare si usor de inteles privind motivul generarii. Identificarea timpurie a riscurilor permite descoperirea acelor teste de laborator ce sunt incorecte si ajuta personalul specializat sa decida calea de urmat.


Informatii utile:

Proiectul a fost semnat la data de 21.06.2010

Finantare totala: 3272736 RON

Finantare publica:  1592420 RON


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